Thursday 20, January 2022

Start of the BMBF project OLE at MLL

On 1.12.2021, a new BMBF project began at MLL, which is being worked on jointly by the Schulz-Hildebrandt and Brinkmann working groups: Endoscopic OCT laser diagnostics of microbial inflammations in the middle ear (OLE).

Friday 16, July 2021

Dr. Jan Philip Kolb receives WLT-Award

For his extraordinary achievements in the field of laser technology, which go far beyond scientific work, Dr. Jan Philip Kolb will receive the WLT-Award 2021 from the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Lasertechnik e.V. (WLT). The award, endowed with 5000 €, will be presented during the opening...

Thursday 22, April 2021

Thomas Fredenhagen Prize 2021 goes to Dr. Ralf Brinkmann- Congratulation!

Dr. Ralf Brinkmann (2nd from right) received the €10,000 Thomas Fredenhagen Award for special scientific achievements and activities in the field of transfer and business cooperation at the Medical Laser Center Lübeck. Prof. Philipp Rostalski (2nd from left) received a special prize. Axel...

Thursday 17, December 2020

Prof. Sebastian 'Nino' Karpf receives the international Dieter W. Bäuerle Science Prize

For his work on laser-matter interaction, Nino Karpf from the Institute of Biomedical Optics (BMO) at the University of Lübeck receives this year's Dieter W. Bäuerle Prize. The prize of the Dieter W. Bäuerle Foundation for Science and Art is awarded for the first time this year. Prof. Karpf is a...