Jan Philip Kolb receives SPIE Hillenkamp Fellowship

Jan Philip Kolb from Robert Huber's research group receives the Franz Hillenkamp Fellowship from SPIE. Together with Haley Marks from the Wellman Center for Photomedicine, he is the first to be awarded a scholarship in honor of the pioneer of the application of lasers in medicine.

The annual prize of $75,000 supports interdisciplinary, problem-oriented research and provides opportunities to put new technologies into clinical practice to improve human health. The scholarship is sponsored by contributions from the biophotonics community and SPIE. In addition, this year a second fellowship was made possible with the support of the responsible committee, Thorlabs and Blossom Innovations.

For his time as a postdoctoral fellow, Jan Philip Kolb will now be able to work on fiber-based two-photon microscopy based on nanosecond pulses thanks to the fellowship. The focus will be on research into the possible application in histology and endoscopy.

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