Multi spectrale OCT

Combination of RGB images and OCT images to expand the information content

Optical coherence tomography as a non-invasive imaging technique is characterized by its ability to resolve deep tissue structures in vivo. In combination with its high speed and live 3D imaging, OCT may contribute to improved clinical diagnosis, surgical guidance or guidance of biopsy. However, since classical OCT images only show intensities of light scattered in depth, it is not possible to resolve molecular information.

Thus, one focus of this research group is "multispectral OCT". Multispectral OCT refers to a multimodal acquisition method, that allows for parallel acquisition of OCT and RGB images. The additional color channels may give information about the molecular composition of the examined sample. In addition, the colored 3D views of the OCT volumes provide natural impressions. The images have a more plastic effect and could, for example, replace or enhance classic OP microscope imaging.

Another goal is the integration into a handpiece or endoscope for in vivo OCT imaging of inaccessible sites of the body.

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