Thursday 14, January 2021

Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture supports Lübeck research project Ki-BioSense

Research for more food safety and less food waste

Thursday 17, December 2020

Prof. Sebastian 'Nino' Karpf receives the international Dieter W. Bäuerle Science Prize

For his work on laser-matter interaction, Nino Karpf from the Institute of Biomedical Optics (BMO) at the University of Lübeck receives this year's Dieter W. Bäuerle Prize. The prize of the Dieter W. Bäuerle Foundation for Science and Art is awarded for the first time this year. Prof. Karpf is a...

Wednesday 21, October 2020

Robert Huber becomes new OSA Fellow

Robert Huber was elected Fellow of the Optical Society of America (OSA)

Thursday 17, September 2020

Merle Diedrichsen wins the Focus Finder Award 2020 in the category "Image acquisition techniques and image signal processing for the UV/VIS/IR range

CMOS cameras using plasmatic filters are propsoed  as a cost-effective alternative to spectrometers. Nanometer-sized metallic structures are integrated into each pixel of these sensors, each of which has a spectrally broadband but specific transmission. Up to now the calculation of the...

Thursday 27, August 2020

PNAS Paper "Noninvasive two-photon optical biopsy of retinal fluorophores" published

Prof. Dr. Alfred Vogel and Dr. Xiao-Xuan Liang co-authored a PNAS paper that appeared on 26.08.2020.