Currently open positions

Currently there are vacant positions for thesis or internships in the areas of dynamic OCT and Mikroendoscopic as well as Full-Field-OCT and Holoscopy.
Contact Gereon Hüttmann if you are interested.

Je nachdem, ob die die Projekte im Rahmen eines Praktikums im Masterstudium, einer Masterarbeit oder in einer Bachelorarbeit bearbeitet werden, werden der Umfang und die Anforderungen angepasst. Wir bieten euch ein hoch motiviertes Team junger Wissenschaftler/innen und Ingenieur/innen, die euch bei euren Projekten tatkräftig zur Seite stehen. Bei ausreichender Qualität der Arbeiten besteht außerdem die Möglichkeit die Ergebnisse in wissenschaftlichen Fachzeitschriften zu veröffentlichen bzw. diese auf einer nationalen oder internationalen Fachkonferenz vorzustellen.

Project 1: dynamic-OCT measurements, algorithm development and evaluation

Dynamic OCT (dOCT) generates a functional contrast by analyzing temporal signal changes in the sample. However, various processing steps are necessary to make this possible. For example, the registration of the OCT images recorded over time, various normalizations and the compression of high-dimensional information into a final RGB image.
For this purpose, we will further develop and evaluate corresponding classical and machine learning algorithms on specially generated measurement data.
Skills: Optic, Computer Science
Software: Python

Project 2: endoscopic 4D-mOCT

Endoscopes must be used to examine organ systems that are not directly accessible from the outside. In recent years, our working group has developed an endoscopic version of microscopic OCT (emOCT), which is currently awaiting approval for clinical trials. The emOCT currently only produces vertical sectional images (B-scans). The next generation of emOCT should enable intravital volumetric imaging. In this project, the possibility of an endoscopic 4D-mOCT is to be evaluated. For this purpose, a prototype is to be built, for which a modification of the high-resolution endoscope optics, the beam deflection and the data acquisition software of an existing system is necessary.
Skills: Electronics, Optik
Software: Labview, Matlab

Project 3: mOCT-Nasal probe

By taking measurements in the human nose, we were able to show that endoscopic mOCT provides valuable information that can be used to diagnose and monitor the treatment of lung diseases such as cystic fibrosis. So far, an endoscope with 0° optics has been used. In order to also reach the lateral surfaces of the turbinate, a nasal probe with 90° optics is to be realized and evaluated. This requires a modification of the high-resolution endoscope optics, the beam deflection and the data acquisition software.
Skills: Electronics, Optik
Software: Labview, Matlab


Post-Doc Position at the Medical Lasercenter Lübeck