Two-Photon Single-Pulse Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (SP-FLIM)

One of the new imaging modalities that are possible with our new laser source is Single-Pulse Two-photon-excited fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (SP-FLIM). Two-Photon FLIM is a chemically specific 3-D sensing modality where the lifetime of a fluorescence decay gives valuable information on the chemical composition of the sample under investigation. Due to our longer pulse length compared to commonly used Ti:Sa lasers, more fluorescence photons are generated per pulse, which allows us to derive the lifetime with a single excitation pulse only. With this method, we achieve a very rapid acquisition of FLIM images with pixel rates up to 1MHz.


The publication "Single pulse two photon fluorescence lifetime imaging (SP-FLIM) with MHz pixel rate " (DOI-Link) was selected as "Editor's Pick" by the editors of the journal "Biomedical Optics Express“.


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