Mechanical constructions

For the mechanical construction the BMO workshop or the university workshop can be used.

At the BMO and at the university (and also in the MLL) the programme "Solid Works" is used for all mechanical constructions. The use of the programme is mandatory. Only in this way can subsequent compatibility problems be avoided. Sebastian Freidank sets up access for the internal licence server, sebastian.freidank(at) / Room 63 / Tel.: 3214


Minor mechanical work can be carried out in our metal workshop (cellar, room 5). Before use, instruction must be given by Mr Sebastian Freidank, Tel.: 3214, R 63 or Mr Veit Danicke, Tel.: 3285(manor house).

The key for the workshop is available against signature from Mrs. Pohlmann, secretariat.


What should be observed in the workshop ?

When the work in the workshop is finished, the workplace must look as shown in Fig.1+2 when leaving the workshop. If the workplace is untidy at the beginning of the work, please pass on this information to Sebastian Freidank or Veit Danicke.

Check the drawers for completeness before starting work.


Larger mechanical components can be produced in the university workshop. Contact person is Mr. Reinhard Schulz, schulz(at) Tel.: -1440. In order for Mr. Schulz to be able to work, he needs a workshop order. The order must contain a cost centre number and it must be signed by the project manager. The order also includes a drawing created with the above mentioned software and also signed by the project manager.