Central procurements

Procurements up to 1000 EUR (net) can be made without obtaining comparative offers. 1. send invoice and 2. delivery bill with the 3. form to the invoicing office

Procurements from 1000 EUR (netto), send form to Zentrale Beschaffung, Haus 1 , Requests per E-Mail to: beschaffung(at)uni-luebeck.de.

(writeable PDF-forms can be found on the intranet -Dokumente/Beschaffung )


  • EDV-procurements from 0,01 EUR über Webshop or via central procurements. Contact person is Sebastian Freidank.
  • books via secretariat (Bianka Pohlmann). The order will be make by Central library.

Guideline procurement




... der Zentralen Beschaffung.