We are always looking for interested students to join our team!

The main focus of our group is the technological development of optical imaging systems. The spectrum ranges from the design of fiber lasers to the development of electronic circuits and the implementation of our imaging techniques in clinical prototype systems.

Offers for Students

In our group there are almost always ideas or smaller projects that can be worked out in the context of a bachelor thesis, an internship or as a working student. For more advanced students we are also happy to offer master thesis topics. Our current topics for student theses and topics of other BMO working groups can be found below. The concrete questions can be elaborated in a personal conversation.

Offers for graduates

For our projects we are also regularly looking for new graduate students. A general requirement is a diploma or master degree (or equivalent).

If there are currently no suitable positions advertised for you, but you would still like to work in the group, please contact us. We are sure to find a solution for particularly motivated and interested students.

Robert Huber will gladly be your contact person. If you already know someone in the group or if you prefer to talk informally with a PhD student first, you can find the contact details of the group members here.

Current job advertisement

General project-oriented technical tasks

Working Student

We are looking for a student trainee for mechanical design, electronic work and programming tasks.

The tasks include technical drawing using CAD software (Solidworks), the production of prototypes using 3D-FDM printing or CNC milling technology, the assembly of electronic circuits and their integration into existing systems and the design of control and analysis software in LabVIEW or Matlab.

Everything is done under supervision in a team that knows its way around. No previous experience is required, but interest in the described work or the desire to learn something in this regard.

If you are interested, please contact: Simon Lotz