Merle Diedrichsen wins the Focus Finder Award 2020 in the category "Image acquisition techniques and image signal processing for the UV/VIS/IR range

CMOS cameras using plasmatic filters are propsoed  as a cost-effective alternative to spectrometers. Nanometer-sized metallic structures are integrated into each pixel of these sensors, each of which has a spectrally broadband but specific transmission. Up to now the calculation of the spectra is computationally intensive. Mrs. Diedrichsen proposes a new approach that uses a neural network for the reconstruction of the spectra, which she designed and evaluated during her bachelor thesis. Mrs. Diedrichsen completed her Bachelor thesis at Basler AG in Ahrensburg and was supervised by Dr. Jörg Kunze. Supervisor at the University of Lübeck was Prof. Dr. Gereon Hüttmann, Deputy Director of the Institute for Biomedical Optics. The joint initiative for image processing ("Initiative Bildverarbeitung e.V.“) at the polytechnic university FH Westküste organizes an annual competition for the best student theses called  „Fokusfinderpreis“. This year  three prizes are sponsored by the companies Basler AG, Allied Vision Technologies GmbH and YXLON International GmbH with 1,000 Euro each. Outstanding practical achievements of graduates of the universities of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg were honored in three categories. Due to the corona pandemic, the "Focus Finder Award" will be presented this year at a special event organized by the "Initiative Bildverarbeitung e.V." at the CAU Science Center in Kiel on September 18, 2020.