Monday 20, June 2022

Paper on dynamic OCT selected as Editor`s Pick

The new paper "Dynamic microscopic optical coherence tomography to visualize morphological and functional micro-anatomy of the airways" [DOI] von Tabea Kohlfaerber, Mario Pieper, Michael Münter, Cornelia Holzhausen, Martin...

Thursday 17, September 2020

Merle Diedrichsen wins the Focus Finder Award 2020 in the category "Image acquisition techniques and image signal processing for the UV/VIS/IR range

CMOS cameras using plasmatic filters are propsoed  as a cost-effective alternative to spectrometers. Nanometer-sized metallic structures are integrated into each pixel of these sensors, each of which has a spectrally broadband but specific transmission. Up to now the calculation of the...

Tuesday 04, June 2019

Start-up Visotec founded for commercializing home-monitoring OCT

Scientists and engineers of the Medical Laser Center Lübeck founded the start-up Visotec GmbH ( for commercializing an new Optical coherence tomography (OCT) solutions for home-monitoring, which was developed in the group of Gereon Hüttmann at the Institute of Biomedical...

Wednesday 19, December 2018

University of Lübeck receives optical microscope for intravital optical nanoscopy

German Research Foundation (DFG) grants 1.38 million Euros for high-resolution investigations of the blood-brain barrier in living organisms by intra vital STED microscopy – currently only three working groups in Europe work with such devices.

Monday 19, November 2018

Our article on parallelized, aberration corrected imaging of photoreceptor cells is featured in a spot light summery of the Optical Society of America (OSA)

The Optical Society (OSA) features the latest article of the Hüttmann group on parallel OCT retinal imaging in a recent Spotlight Summary. The article focuses on using a simple cost-effective technology for aberration-corrected imaging of human photoreceptor cells in the eye. The recommendation can...

Article of AG Hüttmann highlighted by editors of Optics Letters

The Editors of Optics Letters, which is published by the Optical Society of America (OSA), have highlighted the...