Open positions

Vacancies are currently available for final theses in the OCT@Home project and the Holoskopy  In addition to vacancies for theses, there are also doctoral/postdoctoral positions available in the group for microendoscopy and optical sensing.

For a description of the offered topics and the contact persons please click on the links.

The Institute of Biomedical Optics (BMO) of the University of Lübeck offers a Ph.D. or postdoc position for a

Physicist / Engineer
(Biomedical Imaging or Signal Processing).

Aim of the BMBF-funded project is the investigation of ultrafast, phase-preserving optical coherence tomography (OCT) for functional retinal imaging. Within a consortium of leading optical and ophthalmic imaging companies, algorithms for motion correction and phase retrieval shall be developed and evaluated using high-speed (MHz) OCT.

We expect a Diploma or Master’s degree with high distinction in Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, or Engineering. The ideal candidate is highly dedicated to work in a small team of physicists and engineers. Ideally, we expect programming skills in C++, Matlab and/or LabVIEW, as well as experience in image processing, microscopy, and optics.

Located on the BioMedTec Science Campus Lübeck, the University and the Graduate School for Computing in Medicine and Life Sciences offer an excellent environment for interdisciplinary research. Together with three OCT based companies Lübeck forms an internationally acknowledged center for optical coherence tomography.

Questions and applications should be addressed to:  
Prof. Gereon Hüttmann, gereon.huettmann(at);
phone +49 (451) 3101-3206,
Dr. Dierck Hillmann, d.hillmann(at);
phone +49 (451) 3101-3297