We are always looking for interested students, who want to join our team!


The focus of our group is the technological advancement of optical imaging systems. The spectrum of tasks includes constructing fiber lasers, designing electric circuits, or implementing our imaging protocols into clinical prototypes.

In our group, we usually offer ideas or small projects for bachelor’s theses, internships, or trainees.

We offer topics for a master’s thesis to graduate students as well. The precise topics can be determined and shaped in a face-to-face conversation.

We are continuously looking for new PhD students to work on our projects. We demand a finished master’s degree (or equivalent).

Should there be no vacant position on our website, but you still wish to join our group, please do not hesitate to contact us! There is always room for particularly motivated and interested students!

Feel free to contact Prof. Robert Huber and he will provide you with all further information. Should you already know somebody from the group or do you prefer to talk informally to one of the PhD students in advance, please have a look at their contact data: People