Prof. Sebastian 'Nino' Karpf receives the international Dieter W. Bäuerle Science Prize

For his work on laser-matter interaction, Nino Karpf from the Institute of Biomedical Optics (BMO) at the University of Lübeck receives this year's Dieter W. Bäuerle Prize. The prize of the Dieter W. Bäuerle Foundation for Science and Art is awarded for the first time this year. Prof. Karpf is a Juniorprofessor for translational biomedical optics since 2018 and researches novel laser technologies, microscopy techniques and applications in biomedical optics. 

The award ceremony is planned to take place in June 2021 in Linz, Austria. Read more at: 

Thursday, 17-12-2020 09:27